CONDAT, ahead of the game

Concerned for the future, CONDAT is committed to a responsible approach by offering HSE friendly solutions in numerous markets. Developing products with the lowest impact in terms of danger for operators and for the environment is a time-consuming job that requires investment from everyone.

CONDAT’s R&D laboratories work towards developing formulas that are ever safer for the environment and for man:

  • Biodegradable and ECOLABEL lubricants and special products
    For products designed for outdoor use, CONDAT pays particular attention to environmental aspects and in particular biodegradability and ecotoxicology.
  • Wire-drawing soaps without Borax 
    For wire-drawing lubricants, a field in which CONDAT is leader, several actions have been taken to reduce dust as well as the reformulation of products containing borax or boric acid.
  • Lubricants without chlorinated paraffins
    CONDAT offers oils and greases for drawing, without short- and medium-chain chlorinated paraffins. Without hazard labelling, in accordance with the GHS regulation, they do not contribute to the Seveso classification of our customers’ sites and also allow savings in waste disposal and site equipment.
  • Cutting oils without BaP
    The metal-working market has seen new constraints with the severe recommendations of the INRS followed by CARSAT regarding the level of BaP in oils. CONDAT anticipated this problem as early as 2009 by offering the MECAGREEN range based on vegetable oils and continues its efforts to guarantee compliance of the oils used.
  • Forging lubricant in the form of an effervescent tablet
    In the field of forging, CONDAT innovates by offering a lubricant in the form of an effervescent tablet. It contributes to reducing waste, lowering stocks and minimising the impact on the environment, while meeting the performance level expected by the customer.