Interleavant powders - Flat glass

Interleavants powders
Interleavant powders for the protection of plates of flat glass during storage and transport: limit friction, scratching and corrosion.
Application fields


To allow storage and transport of plates of glass in stacks, a fine coat of interleavant powder is usually applied to each plate, after cutting on the float line.

These interleavant powders allow for:

  • Reduced friction between plates and hence scratches during transport
  • Easy separation of plates by limiting adhesive forces and the suction effect
  • Avoidance of corrosion on the glass surface under strongly humid conditions

Our interleavant powders are formulated from polymers and / or adipic acid.

Product benefits

  • Avoids corrosion: for the product with adipic acid
  • Different particle sizes possible
  • Rigorously controlled grain-size distribution for uniform application
  • Hydrophobic, so easy to remove with water
  • Rate of use: about 200 mg/m²
  • Free from boric acid or boron derivatives to preserve health of operators

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.