An independent and innovative group, CONDAT makes it its responsibility to support and develop an effective and ambitious social model. We bring together our staff around 4 strong values :

  • Build to last
  • Responsible
  • Company in motion
  • Relationship quality

Fully committed to the present, we place the human at the centre of our concerns and prepare the future of our employees, customers, shareholders and of citizens.
Within the company, employees find it possible to integrate their actions over the long term, with an empowering environment suitable for nurturing their development projects. It is the personal commitment of our teams that guarantees CONDAT’s success, now and in the future.

Guarantee and spread a culture of professional excellence

The know-how of our employees is our company’s greatest asset. The CONDAT group wants to recognise their worth and their commitment by providing a progressive career path. The HR policy supports day-to-day management decisions and proper handling of potential talents.

Developing the professional skills of our employees

Through an innovative training policy, we support all our employees as our trades evolve. We therefore develop made-to-measure training programmes, closer to our needs and with a view to individual and collective performance.

We offer motivating opportunities for professional and personal development:

  • internal and geographic mobility
  • individualised development plans
  • a fair remuneration policy

Offering quality of life at work

It is on the ground, working harder each day to find new solutions to improve our employees’ working conditions, that we demonstrate our exemplary character. Our Management Philosophy is under constant review, with a package of actions based on health and safety at work and on the well-being of our employees. The improvement of the working environment is a major concern for the group.

An attentive Human Resources team

Our objective is to encourage expression by all our employees to foster an approach based on social progress and to take into account the cultural specificities linked to the Group’s international operations.

The social climate is a strong concern for CONDAT Management.

Finally, CONDAT is committed to sharing its strategy with all its employees. HR policy then becomes an essential lever for achieving the goals that motivate everyone.

Social cohesion: an ambition

As an international company, the CONDAT group draws on the diversity of its profiles to build a sustainable socio-economic model. Social cohesion contributes to the economic performance of the company and its diversity is a driver of creativity for the CONDAT group.

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