Lubricants for forging

Complete range of lubricants and protection products intended for forging: hot, warm and cold forging, extrusion, circular rolling…




CONDAT has a complete range of forging lubricants intended for the manufacture of automotive, aeronautical, railway, heavy machines, medical parts and wind turbines.

Our lubricants are intended for forging operations performed on:

  • mechanical presses: screw or crank
  • hydraulic presses
  • hammers: single- and double-effect
  • horizontal press: multi-station
  • circular or radial rolling mill

They support the forming of materials typically used such as: steels and stainless steels, aluminium, bronze, brass or alloys of titanium, nickel, super alloys...

All our products offer high lubricity to increase lifetime of tools and productivity.

Furthermore, concerned for the health of users and the environment, our laboratory teams develop products free from CMR substances, heavy metals to provide the best working conditions.


CONDAT lubricants are adapted to different metal-forming operations such as hot, warm and cold forming, for all forging processes:

  • Close die forging
  • Extrusion ( direct and backward)
  • Extrusion
  • Calibration
  • Circular rolling...

Hot and warm forging

Our range of tool lubricants includes:

  • Water-based lubricants:
    • Aqueous lubricants with graphite (synthetic or natural), to dilute in water:
      • CONDAFORGE for steel applications
      • CONDAFORGE AL specifically for aluminium
    • Graphite free lubricants
      • ORAFOR for steel and stainless steel applications : pigment less
      • ORAFOR AL designed for aluminium forging
  • graphite oils and greases
  • Coatings based on glass powder, frit, enamel for billet glass coating. The CONDAERO range protects and lubricates parts and billets in titanium or alloys based on nickel, cobalt, chrome or super alloys.
  • Protection  or pre-coating products during the heating of steels, stainless steels or aluminium: CONDACOAT 

Cold forging

CONDAT also offers lubrication solutions for cold forging:

  • For extrusion or backward extrusion of aluminium parts: the ORAFOR range based on polymers or soaps allows for lubrication or coating.
  • For cold calibration operations: the CONDAFORM range of neat oils is used for spray lubrication of parts or tools.

Associated services

To optimise the application and consumption of our lubricants, we offer appropriate solutions and equipment:

In parallel, CONDAT suggests its range of complementary oils and greases:

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