Non-ferrous wires and cables

Non-ferrous wires and cables
Extensive range of lubricants for forming and drawing non-ferrous electrical wires and cables.


Mostly made of pure copper until the start of the century, the market in electrical conductors has diversified considerably in recent decades. The use of aluminium  and then the development of aluminium alloys and copper alloys has extended the range of materials drawn and shaped by our customers to supply demand in the following sectors:

  • Space and Aerospace Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Energy
  • Medical Imaging
  • Signal Transmission
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical Supply for transportation

The diversity of the range of CONDAT lubricants allows coverage of all operations on non-ferrous electrical wires and cables:

  • drawing,
  • wire drawing,
  • twisting,
  • stranding,
  • compacting


Our expertise in lubrication covers all wire-drawing operations including:

  • elongation, from rod wire down to the finest diameters
  • twisting and stranding wires
  • compacting cables or rolling wires

for the following market fields:

  • electrical wires and cables for low, medium and high voltage
  • enamelled wires
  • EDM wires (electro-erosion)
  • high-temperature wires (tinned, silver or nickel coated)
  • armoring and shielding wires
  • catenary wires

Application sub-fields