Lubricants for drawing electrical cables

Electrical cables
Lubricants for drawing high, medium and low voltage electrical cables


Electrical cables are intended for the transport of energy. They are made from copper or aluminium wires according to needs.

Electrical cables are made up of strands (wires wound on a core). If required, they can be insulated with PVC materials.

The wires used to make up the electrical cables have a length of several tens of kilometres. The lubricant used during wire drawing must provide:

  • high lubricity
  • a guarantee of consistent quality throughout lubricant use
  • protection of the material and the tools


  • High voltage electrical wires
  • Medium voltage electrical wires
  • Low voltage electrical wires


For aluminium electrical cables, lubricants based on neat oils are widely used. Our lubricating technologies reduce the costs of your wire-drawing operations:

  • Lower tooling costs
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower consumption of lubricant

Soluble technology is a growing alternative for this application.

For copper electrical cables, soluble lubricants are used for most applications. For the largest diameters, oils and greases remain the most effective technology.

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