Wire-drawing lubricants and soaps

Wire-drawing lubricants and soaps
Wire-drawing lubricants and soaps for mechanical and electrical applications: steel wires, stainless alloys, copper, aluminium…


With 160 years of expertise, the CONDAT range of lubricants is THE world reference on the metal forming market and in particular for all processes concerning wire production:

  • Wire drawing
  • Rolling
  • Cold heading

CONDAT offers solutions suited to each surface preparation: phosphated, galvanised and coppered wires, and products with internationally recognised names: VICAFIL and STEELSKIN

Condat lubricants allow working with all materials:

For wire drawing - mechanical applications

For wires in steels, carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys, the VICAFIL and STEELSKIN ranges gather a large choice of products:

  • Wire-drawing soaps and dry powder lubricants: VICAFIL and STEELSKIN
  • Non-reactive surface treatments: VICAFIL TS
  • Oils and greases: VICAFIL TFH and TFG
  • Soluble lubricants and pastes: VICAFIL SL and SP
  • Wiping charcoals for galvanised wires: GALVASMOOTH
  • Protection products: CONDAPROTECT

For wire drawing - electrical applications

  • Lubricants for aluminium wires
  • Lubricants for copper and copper alloyed wires
  • Lubricants for coated copper wires
  • Lubricants for braiding and compacting aluminium wire

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers ranges of complementary products: