Wire-drawing soaps

Wire-drawing soaps
Complete range of wire-drawing soaps in powder form VICAFIL and STEELSKIN dry lubricants are internationally recognised for all wire-drawing applications.


World leader in wire-drawing lubricants, the CONDAT range of VICAFIL powders is the largest on the market, covering all cold metal-forming applications using dry lubricants.

The dry wire-drawing lubricant should allow the wire to pass through the die while preserving:

  • the qualities of the wire: appearance, surface condition
  • its characteristics: tension, elongation
  • the production parameters: speed, die lifetime

By softening while going through the die, the powder is transformed into a lubricating plastic film.

According to the nature of the wire drawn and the final application (welding wire, spring wire...), the grain size distribution of the powder as well as its softening point are optimised to allow the creation of a lubricating plastic film at the required temperature.

To learn more, contact our experts for the optimal recommendation for your application.

Product benefits

Designed to meet the needs of the market, our range of VICAFIL wire-drawing soaps satisfies, or even exceeds, the requirements of our customers in terms of:

  • Reduction in soap consumption and cost of waste processing
  • Ease of cleaning: calcium soaps replaced by sodium soaps
  • Productivity by increasing wire-drawing speeds
  • Adherence of the lubricant to the wire (particularly on smooth surfaces)


Whether based on sodium soaps, calcium soaps or blends, our formulations have been prepared to meet the latest regulatory requirements concerning health, safety and the environment:

  • Reduction of dust in workshops thanks to PELLET technology
  • Compliance with the most recent legislation: REACH, GHS…
  • The development of eco-responsible alternatives: reduction or elimination of Borax, development of alternatives without titanium dioxide...


The name STEELSKIN groups together a range of speciality lubricants, designed for the most demanding applications and formulated from additives with varying properties:

  • Extreme Pressure (EP) additives to reduce die wear
  • Additives to improve drawability (based on graphite)
  • Additives to improve lubrication and reduce friction (MoS2, synthetic waxes...)
  • Additives to improve anti-corrosion protection (synthetic waxes, anti-corrosion additives...)