Lubricants for electric cables – Coated copper

Lubricants for electric cables - Coated copper
Soluble lubricants intended for drawing high-temperature electrical cables in coated copper: for nickel-faced wires, fine silver- or tin-coated wires
Application fields


Drawing copper wires coated with tin, silver or nickel poses specific constraints linked to the bi-metallic composition of the wire (copper core + metal layer). These wires are intended for high temperature applications such as electronic components, radars or high-frequency equipment.

In addition, the very fine diameters needed for these markets requires the use of highly effective lubricants, to avoid tearing the metallic surface layer. Other constraints of surface condition, cleanliness and compatibility with the different coatings used (silver, tin, nickel) have led us to use only the most lubricating materials.

All CONDAT emulsions and solutions are formulated in accordance with the latest regulations and in particular are free from formaldehyde-releasing agents

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Product benefits

Whether it is synthetic solutions (entirely clear) or the more or less opaque emulsions, Condat lubricating concentrates offer the following advantages:

  • Optimal lubrication
  • High elongation without breakage
  • Reduction in wire breakage
  • Impeccable surface appearance of the wires
  • Improvement in machine cleanliness
  • In accordance with the latest regulations
  • Free from formaldehyde-releasing agents