Lubricants for drawing high-temperature wires

High-temperature wires
Lubricants for drawing high-temperature wires, in particular wires coated with tin, silver or nickel…


High-temperature wires are very often made of a copper core coated with a metallic deposit of tin, silver or nickel. This metallic deposit, obtained by electrolytic coating, improves the conductive properties of wires subject to either high temperatures or to high electrical frequencies.


This type of wire is especially used in:

  • electronic equipment for cars
  • aeronautical and aerospace vehicles
  • data transmission in the field of telecommunications
  • ornamentation for the trimmings market


Lubricants intended for drawing high-temperature wires must ensure:

  • lubrication of the coated wire without damaging the metallic deposit by pullout or oxidation
  • wire with a shiny and uniform appearance

The lubricants used are emulsions or  solutions with high lubricity to ensure wire-drawing performance as well as the surface quality of the wire.

They must also be resistant to acid transfer from the residues left on the wire during plating operations.

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