Lubricants and specialities for glass industry

Lubricants and specialities for glass industry
Complete range of lubricants for glass processing: flat glass, container glass, optical glass.


Drawing on its technical expertise and know-how in the formulation of industrial lubricants, in particular high-performance cutting and machining fluids, CONDAT offers a range dedicated to the entire glass manufacturing process.

Present in the glass market for over 30 years, CONDAT has built, in partnership with its glass-industry clients, the most complete range of lubricants and other specialities covering the processes of:

  • Flat glass
  • Container glass and tableware
  • Optical and ophthalmic glass

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

In parallel, CONDAT has a complete range of oils and greases for the assembly and maintenance of your equipment and machines:


To know more about our complete product range, download our Glass Lubricant brochure.