Coolant for optical glass - Surfacing and grinding

Coolant fluids - Optical glass
CONDAOPTIC coolants for the surfacing, drilling and grinding of optical glass.
Application fields


CONDAT offers a range of coolants, CONDAOPTIC, for the optical and ophthalmic glass industry (mineral or organic glass) for spectacles, precision optics, contact lenses…

The coolants are concentrated lubricants to be diluted in water, to improve the process of surfacing and drilling glass. Associated with the dilution water, they having a cooling power on the tools and allow for elimination of fragments.

Their high lubricity allows for regular and clean surfaces meeting the  precision requirements of the ophthalmic industry. The use of CONDAOPTIC coolants improves the bite and lifetime of tools by reducing clogging of grinders, cutting tools...

Product benefits

  • 100 % synthetic, without mineral oil
  • Excellent wetting power
  • Low foaming in soft and hard water
  • Compatible with centrifugation systems