Swabbing mold compounds - Container glass

Swabbing mold-compounds
Swabbing mold-compounds (or graphite mould-release greases) for the container glass industry: CONDAGLASS range for blank, blow and neck moulds.
Application fields


CONDAGLASS 300 series mould-release greases or swabbing mold-compounds ensure uniform lubrication of the different moulds used in the container glass industry and optimise productivity. Their viscosity is specially adapted to this application: neither too fluid nor too thick. They allow for correct grease dosing and good distribution in the mould.

  • Blank mould grease:
    This grease allows uniform application on the mould, without transfer of graphite to the items.
  • Neck mould grease:
    It leaves a very fine and uniform film of grease on the mould. This grease avoids faults in bottle necks and improves mould release.
  • Blow mould grease:
    This product gives a translucent appearance to the most demanding items. Its wetting agents and additives allow easy penetration of even narrow surfaces and help mould-release for the most delicate shapes.

With this new range, CONDAT represents a new source for mould-release greases, in a market with few suppliers.

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Product benefits

  • Limits clogging
  • Little transfer to the glass items
  • Good finish, even on the most demanding parts: items for the perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries
  • Avoids faults
  • Preserves the surface condition of the moulds
  • Reduces the glass-coating frequency for the moulds


Sprayable swabbing mold greases

Mindful of its customers' needs, CONDAT has also developed its greases in a sprayable version, for specific applications found in production.

CONDAGLASS 364 and 365 are suitable for all types of glass (beverage and pharmaceutical bottles) and for all robot-automated application processes. The viscosity is adapted to make it suitable for most spraying systems, to optimise the quantity used.

CONDAGLASS 364 and 365 associated with a spray robot allow for:

  • reduction in consumption of swabbing mold grease
  • efficient mould release for your glass items
  • less frequent greasing
  • reduced loss of items linked to greasing
  • improved operator safety

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.