Scoop and delivery oils

Scoop and delivery oils
GLASS DL neat oils for lubrication of scoops, deflectors and delivery. Efficient and faultless distribution of gobs.
Application fields


Once formed, the gobs of glass must be distributed to each section of the IS (Individual Section) machine. This distribution must be as quick as possible to maintain the high temperature of the glass and hence its plasticity. It must also be regular and constant at the entry to the blank mould to maintain optimal productivity.

GLASS DL neat oils ensure these functions for all elements of the feed system by lubricating the scoops, deflectors, delivery… This range comprises mineral or synthetic oils giving a lubricity adapted to your machines for effective and faultless distribution of gobs.

Product benefits

  • Complete range: mineral or synthetic oil
  • High lubricity allowing for a very strong reduction in rate of use
  • Highly refined white oils
  • Wide range of viscosities (V40 of 20 to 125 mm²/s) available, suitable for all spray systems
  • Very low residues
  • Good spread, wetting effect


CONDAT experts can recommend the GLASS DL oil most suited to the weight of the articles and the spraying frequency desired: possibility of one spray every 100 gobs.

For the sake of the environment, you can replace mineral or synthetic oils with soluble products from the BIOGLASS range.

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers a graphite varnish to be applied to the delivery systems, RESIGRAPH. This semi-permanent coating aids sliding of the gob in the delivery system.

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.