Oils for Individual Section machines

IS machine oils
GLASS HTS high-temperature synthetic oils for the lubrication and maintenance of Individual Section (IS) machines in the container glass industry.
Application fields


Independent Section (IS) machines are essential equipment for container glass items manufacturing and play a key role in plant productivity. Sometimes fully automatized, they can run 24h/7 to produce a specific bottle shape. Speed, consistency, and safety are the 3 main requirements for this engineering system.


Perfectly understanding our partners technical issues, CONDAT has worked in the development of IS machine fluids with high requirements: efficiency, quality, and safety. CONDAT IS machine fluids are formulated with synthetic oils and specific additives to provide the best lubrication performances. All across the world several international groups already chose CONDAT for the supply of their machine fluids.

CONDAT GLASS HTS product range serves to lubricate I.S machines transmission mechanisms in motion like:

  • perforation mechanism of the punch in the gob,
  • transfer of the gob between the blank mould and the blow mould,
  • transfer to the conveyor, feeder...

Product benefits

  • Highly lubricating
  • High flash point and fire point: reduced fire risk
  • Use of synthetic oils for heat stability
  • Excellent oxidation resistance for optimised lifetime
  • Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear protections to maintain I.S machines elements lifetime
  • UV tracker for leakage detection and easy repair
  • Free from heavy metals, chlorine, solvent, solid lubricants

Product range

CONDAT offers a full range of solutions fitting industrial needs.

Designation Viscosity (V40) Lubrication performances Thermal resistance UV tracker
GLASS HT 200 100 cSt ++ + No
GLASS HTS 150 IS 153 cSt +++ ++ Yes (yellow)
GLASS HTS 250 IS 215 cSt +++ ++ Yes (blue)
GLASS HT 300 265 cSt ++++ ++ No