Quenching oils and polymers

Quenching oils and polymers
Oils and polymers for quenching and heat treatment, quenching fluids, antirust protective after quenching, tempering fluids, concentrates… A large range for heat treatments


For more than 50 years, CONDAT has offered a complete range dedicated to the field of heat treatment. These quenching oils and polymers have been developed to ensure better control of cooling cycles:

  • Quenching speed adapted to your heat treatment cycles
  • Stability in service
  • Reduction in consumption by drag out
  • Resistance to oxidation and micro-organisms
  • Ease to clean


Our large range meets the requirements of different processes:

  • Surface hardening
  • Massive quenching, with or without a modified atmosphere

and for all types of hardened metals: carbon steels, lightly alloyed, stainless steel, aluminium...

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers equipment and services suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Additives to treat and maintain operation of your quenching baths:

  • Against bacteria, fungi: biocides
  • Dispersant and/or regenerator for quenching oil
  • Against corrosion: Antirust

Equipment for filling and monitoring your baths

  • To dilute quenching bath polymers or concentrates
  • To control the concentration of your polymer baths

After-sales service for laboratory monitoring of:

  • Your quenching oils: monitoring cooling rate curves, measurement of flash point, fire point, total acid number (TAN), viscosity, water content, contamination (gravimetric)
  • Your quenching polymers: monitoring cooling rate curves, concentration, bacterial and fungal contamination...

On-site services by our metallurgists:Therma

  • Cooling characteristics of a quenchant measurement to monitor the state of your baths and optimise additions or oil changes





Our experts are there to advise and suggest the most suitable product for your situation.