Quenching and heat treatment polymers

Quenching polymers
Complete range of THERMASOL quenching polymers. Soluble PVP, PAG quenching fluids for through-hardening, surface hardening, heat treatment
Application fields


Condat's THERMASOL offer groups the soluble (PVP, PAG) quenching polymers.They are recommended for massive-hardening of carbon steels, alloyed and strongly alloyed, and surface hardening operations.

They are composed of:

  • PAG = Polyalkylene glycol
  • PVP = Polyvinyl pyrrolidone

A polymer-based quenching fluid offers a quenching power and cooling speed between that of water and oil (in the case of PAG) or similar to that of oil (in the case of PVP). As a rule, low-viscosity PAGs are mostly reserved for surface hardening while PVPs offer more latitude (surface and massive quenching).

Our experts will advise you on adapting the concentration, temperature and agitation of the baths in order to eliminate cracking and stress distortion phenomena and resolving any other issues.

Product benefits

  • Elimination of the risk of fire and smoke
  • Wide range of cooling properties and flexibility of quench speeds by changing the concentrations
  • No need for inert gas
  • Ease to use (easy dilution, without formation of insoluble matter)
  • Ease of handling
  • Extended lifetime, viscosity constant over time
  • Safe for operators
  • Cost reduction by using water as the heat transfer fluid
  • No cleaning; the polymer is removed by thermal decomposition during the tempering phase
  • Increase in productivity and in the quality of the quenched parts
  • Clean workshops, with no more slippery floors due to oils.

PAG and PVP polymers

Products V40 (mm²/s) Usual concentration (%) Temperature of use (°C) Hardening Examples of quenched parts
Thermasol G 63 11 3 to 20 20-35 Surface Crankshafts, axles, shafts, bars, screws, fastening components
Thermasol G 400 150 8 to 25 20-35 Massive and surface Crankshafts, axles, shafts, bars, screws, fastening components
Thermasol P1 350 5 to 25 25-50 Massive and surface Bars, coils of wire, springs, forged parts, steering racks

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants, along with analysis services.