Consolidation of soils by injection

Soil waterproofing and consolidation
Condat solutions for soil improvement: waterproofing and consolidation of soils by injection.


Leader in the world of tunnel boring and underground works, CONDAT well knows the issues surrounding use of products in natural and sensitive environments. Using this know-how, CONDAT has developed innovative solutions, eco-designed and respectful of the environment, to work soils by injection.

In some cases, the mechanical resistance of the soil or its permeability does not allow certain works to be carried out. The soil must therefore by prepared to make it less permeable and to give it greater mechanical resistance. Several techniques exist for consolidation or waterproofing of soils such as:

  • vibro compacting
  • jet grouting
  • freezing the ground
  • insertion of piles...

CONDAT has solutions in the field of injection with soil impregnation grouts. This technique usually uses manchette tubes and generally takes place at low flow rate and low pressure
(< 10L/min and 10 bar respectively).

CONDAT offers organic reagents or hardeners for silicate grout to resolve the following problems:

  • waterproofing of soils with reagents for soft gels
  • consolidation of soils with reagents for hard gels

Application sub-fields