Lubricants for animal nutrition

Animal nutrition
Lubricants for animal nutrition, mixers, grinders, crumbers, pelleting presses, press rollers. INS certified lubricants for incidental contact with animal food.


Lubricants used in the animal nutrition industry cover extremely varied application fields: they are mainly used for the lubrication and  power transmission of machinery, notably with greases for  pelleting presses.

These lubricants are used for the manufacture and  handling of products intended for feeding animals.

The CONDAT range of lubricants for the animal nutrition industry meets the constraints of this sector:

  • food-grade standards: INS and incidental food contact
  • human and animal health requirements
  • technical performance ensuring the correct operation of machines

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

CONDAT offers equipment  suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

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