Heat-transfer fluids

Heat-transfer fluids
Complete range of heat-transfer fluids and high-performance lubricants for high-temperature heat-transfer systems, operating with a very long lifetime in service.


Heat-transfer fluids in the CONDAT range ( CALFLUIDTHERMOL) are fluids intended to be used as heat-transfer agents in high-temperature heating systems or cooling systems, in liquid phase in non-pressure systems.


CONDAT heat-transfer oils can be used in various fields:

  • Maintaining temperature in storage tanks
  • Heating different equipment:
    • premises
    • heat baths, autoclaves, furnaces
    • bain‐marie
    • asphalt installations (bitumen)
    • heat exchangers in agri-food industries
  • Temperature-control devices of tools for lubrication of plastic or aluminium parts


  • Available in mineral or synthetic technologies (hydrotreated oil) ­
  • Adapted to high temperatures ­
  • Formulated with specific oils and additives, selected for their performance
  • Food-grade range available

Product benefits

The different heat-transfer fluids are specially formulated to meet the needs of industries in search of performance:

  • Reduction of maintenance costs and topping-up frequency: low evaporation and effectiveness proved over long periods
  • Reduced risk of leaks: compatibility with all elastomers (gaskets)
  • Optimum return up to oil change 
  • Better resistance to ignition (hydrotreated oils vs mineral oils), reduction in fire risk (high flash point)
  • Long life of rotating parts
  • Improvement in working conditions: non toxic, odourless

Technical assistance

CONDAT has wide experience in the implementation of its products and can give you support thanks to its technical assistance to eliminate all problems linked to black and bituminous residues that pollute your installations and impair their operation.

Associated products

CONDAT offers a vast range of complementary products for the maintenance of your equipment: