CONDAT group

CONDAT group ensures its international presence through a network of agents and distributors, and industrial or commercial subsidiaries. We are therefore able to offer our entire product portfolio according to the same quality standards with a global sales policy.

CONDAT group’s subsidiaries

To meet local requirements in certain markets, CONDAT has progressively established industrial bases in different continents:

  • in North America: in Michigan, United States
  • in South America: near to Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • in Asia: in Shanghai, China

CONDAT group also has sales subsidiaries in Europe:

  • in the United Kingdom
  • in Germany
  • in Spain
  • in Italy

Our network is designed to ensure the best logistics conditions and commercial exchanges.

The sales network

With a dense sales network, CONDAT group has not ceased to develop since the 1980s in all industrialised countries. Achieving 70% of its turnover in export, the group is astute and experienced in good practice in international negotiations. On all fronts, including sales, we undertake to act in a responsible, honest and respectful manner.

To find your nearest local representative, discover the section Where to find our products, or to represent our brand become a partner.

The creation of the Health and Beauty division

Since the 2000s, CONDAT group has diversified and invested in the world of Health and Beauty. Based on its historic know-how and an entrepreneurial spirit, the group has thus succeeded in creating a bridge between different universes: Formulation of oils and greases, mastery of surfactants, regulatory requirements, orientation towards organic chemistries, international development…

Acquisitions have progressively aided the creation of the Health and Beauty division:

2008 Creation of the Cosmetics division

Takeover of BEA laboratories, contract manufacturer of soaps and cosmetics

2011 Takeover of the cosmetic brand THALAC, devoted to beauty institutes
2012 Takeover of soap-maker SCV
2014 Takeover of SICOBEL laboratories, including a portfolio of cosmetics brands: PLACENTOR, BcomBio, EDENENS distributed in pharmacies and beauty stores
2015 Takeover of PHARMUP laboratories, specialised in sales distribution to pharmacies and beauty stores
2016 Creation of the Health and Beauty division

With the motto Build to Last, CONDAT group has chosen to integrate companies that share common values: high-quality products, scientific and industrial performance, ethical and civic commitment.

Backed up by CONDAT group, the Health and Beauty branch benefits from more than 170 years of expertise and has the ambition to become a major actor in this market.