Lubricants for the wood industry

Lubricants for forestry, logging, sharpening, sawmills, wood pelleting, wood transport. Mineral, synthetic and biodegradable lubricants.


CONDAT offers a large range of oils and greases intended for the wood sector.

Mineral or synthetic based, these wood industry lubricants ensure efficient lubrication of your machines subject to severe conditions for:

  • forestry
  • logging
  • sharpening
  • first transformation of wood in sawmills

The wood industry is most particularly concerned about environmental protection measures. The forest remains a fragile resource to be conserved, and CONDAT contributes to this by also offering a large range of biodegradable lubricants.

These lubricants are made up of raw materials that are easily biodegradable (ultimate biodegradability OECD 301 B) and non toxic for the environment. They respond perfectly to your requirements when working in sensitive areas. These oils and greases have a level of technical performance at least equal to conventional products (non biodegradable), if not better.

We also offer biodegradable products with ECOLABEL certification.

Associated services

CONDAT provides its customers with Technical Assistance to optimise their lubricant needs and give particular support:

  • in the conversion of hydraulic circuits to biodegradable oils for a simple and effective implementation by offering a suitable conversion strategy

You will also find CONDAT at all wood-industry events such as EUROFOREST, the forest timber summit, and FOREXPO.

Application sub-fields