Biodegradable hydraulic fluids

Biodegradable hydraulic fluids
The BIO NATUR range of biodegradable hydraulic fluids, with exceptional performance in terms of lubrication and biodegradability.


CONDAT has a complete range of biodegradable or Ecolabel hydraulic oils: ­

Hydraulic oils compliant with ECOLABEL :

This range is formulated with saturated esters, guaranteeing excellent resistance to oxidation.

The CIMEA HYDROLABEL range is biodegradable and compliant with the European Ecolabel.  The European Ecolabel gives you guarantees in terms of lubricant performance, respect for the environment, stability and product quality.

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Biodegradable oils according to OECD 301B :

This range is formulated with high-performance esters to guarantee excellent start, even in very cold weather.

Oils in the CIMEA HYDROLABEL or HYDROSTAR ranges meet the ISO 15 380 standard.

Product benefits

ECOLABEL hydraulic oils:

  • Considerable increase in the lifetime of your installations
  • Reduction in costs linked to maintenance

Biodegradable hydraulic lubricants:

  • Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure performance,
  • Extended lifetime for mechanical elements.

Within these two series, you will find the oil most suited to your needs.


In what cases should biodegradable hydraulic fluids be used?

The CIMEA HYDROSTAR and CIMEA HYDROLABEL products are particularly recommended where the preventive recuperation of leaks is not possible, to protect the environment.

The use of biodegradable hydraulic fluids is recommended in the following fields:  quarries/sand-pits, civil works, forestry, river navigation, road-building machinery, winter sports resorts...


Created in 1992, the European ECOLABEL is the only official European ecological label that can be used in all the member countries of the European Union allowing the identification of products that respect the environment. European regulations make it obligatory to use lubricants compliant with the ECOLABEL specification in certain defined zones, so as to limit the use of lubricants of petroleum origin as lost oils. Article 44 of French law No. 2006-11 of 5 January 2006 on agricultural guidelines is completely consistent with this action. Lubricants must respect precise standards in terms of ultimate biodegradability (OECD 301B), ecotoxicity (OECD 201-202-203) and bio-accumulation. They must also guarantee the complete safety of users and have an excellent level of technical performance, being developed from renewable raw materials.

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