Lubricants for Forestry

Hydraulic, engine and transmission oils and greases for forestry: forestry tractors, skidders, harvesters, loaders, chainsaws, shredders…


Many different items of equipment are used in forestry and they stand out for their extreme conditions of use:

  • ambient temperatures
  • presence of humidity and dust
  • operation under constraints

Faced with these requirements, the CONDAT range ensures perfect lubrication of all your equipment.


For forestry, we have a range of lubricants for:

  • chainsaws
  • harvesters
  • forestry tractors
  • skidders
  • loaders
  • logger trucks
  • shredders...

For cutting or logging, we have lubricants for:

  • chainsaws
  • guides
  • chains
  • two-stroke engines


Furthermore, CONDAT has anticipated the law on agricultural guidelines and for several years has been producing a large range of biodegradable lubricants compliant with the requirements of ultimate biodegradability (OECD 301B) and non toxic for the environment.

We also offer biodegradable products with ECOLABEL certification.

We can provide biodegradable alternatives for chain oils, hydraulic oils, two-stroke engine oils and greases.

Associated services

CONDAT provides its customers with Technical Assistance to optimise their lubricant needs and give particular support:

  • in the conversion of hydraulic circuits to biodegradable oils for a simple and effective implementation by offering a suitable conversion strategy.

Product ranges