Automotive transmission oils

Automotive transmission oils
A complete range of maintenance oils to lubricate your automatic and manual transmissions, and also gear boxes and axles for rolling stock.


Backed up by its expertise in the formulation of high-quality maintenance lubricants, over the years CONDAT has developed specific ranges of products for the lubrication of automotive transmissions.

CONDAT offers different oil technologies suited to the application and to your needs:

  • For automatic transmissions, gear boxes
  •  For manual and mechanical transmissions, boxes and axles

Oils for automatic transmissions

For automatic transmissions, CONDAT offers the ATF range of lubricants named CONDAMATIC. Meeting the most demanding specifications from constructors (General Motors, Mercedes Benz, Man, Voith and ZF), CONDAMATIC lubricants for automatic transmissions provide perfect lubrication and excellent returns in service.

Oils for mechanical transmissions

For mechanical transmissions, CONDAT offers different lubricant technologies in the GEAR range:

  • Mineral oil technology: the ranges GEAR TD/TDM/TDMX
  • Semi-synthetic oil technology: the range GEAR TDS
  • 100% synthetic oil technology: the GEAR TXS range

In the GEAR range you will therefore find oils meeting the latest API standards (API GL4 & GL5), as well as constructors' specifications (ZF, MB, MAN, etc.).

These oils for mechanical transmissions are also perfectly suited to gear boxes as well as vehicle axles.


Depending on the technology of the base oil, the range of oils for mechanical transmissions is available in different viscosity grades, in particular:

  • 75W80
  • 75W90
  • 75W140
  • 80W
  • 80W90
  • 85W140

Technical assistance

The choice of a transmission oil may seem trivial, but the wrong choice can have severe repercussions for the transmissions, gear boxes or axles of your vehicle! To optimise the performance of your transmissions, increase the service life of your lubricant or prolong the lifetime of your engine, CONDAT can assist you.

In fact, CONDAT has a team of competent technical engineers, who can help you with the most suitable choice of lubricant for automatic or mechanical transmissions, in its implementation (oil change, oil maintenance, etc.) as well as in its daily use.

Our technical experts are available to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our CONDAT lubricants as a function of your technical needs: type of gear reducer, operational temperature, service lifetime.