Industrial maintenance oils

Industrial maintenance oils
Condat has a large range of industrial oils to meet all lubrication needs for machines, motors, chains, blades…


Welcome to the world of CONDAT industrial oils and lubricants!

With 160 years of expertise in industrial lubricants, CONDAT offers a large choice of formulations to meet all customer needs in terms of lubrication:

  • of machines,
  • of motors,
  • of hydraulic systems,
  • of gears,
  • of blades,
  • of compressors...

From commodity fluids to highly specialised fluids, CONDAT offers performant industrial oils, formulated by chemical engineers, experts in their field.

Discover here the characteristics of our fluids and the benefits they can bring you:

  • protection of your motors
  • reduction in your maintenance costs
  • protection of your personnel...

Associated services

CONDAT also offers Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

In addition, CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.