Engine / automotive oils

Engine / automotive oils
CONDAT has a large range of high-performance engine oils of all viscosities and meeting the requirements of the main constructors (VOLVO, CAT, Renault, MB…).
Application fields

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Expert engine oils: tailored solutions for industry professionals

CONDAT has been present in the engine oil market for many years, and has developed very high performance automotive lubricants by following market changes.

This complete offer of oils meets:

  • all your needs and those of your engines: light vehicles, HGVs, agricultural machinery, mechanised farming machinery (micro-tractor, rotovator…), forestry machinery, civil works machinery, etc.
  • latest-generation developments: EURO V, EURO VI petrol and diesel engines
  • latest European and international standards: ACEA, API
  • specifications of the main constructors: MAN, VOLVO, DEUTZ, CAT, RENAULT…

With mineral or synthetic formulation, CONDAT has opted for effective formulations with the latest generation of additives, to guarantee maximum protection of your engine by a perfect lubrication in service.

Technical assistance

CONDAT sells much more than just engine oils. We have a team of competent technical engineers who can help you with the choice of the most suitable automotive lubricant, in its implementation (oil change, oil maintenance, conversion to biodegradable oil...) as well as in its daily use.

Our technical experts are available to advise you and guarantee optimal use of our engine oils.

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.