HDDO/PCMO engine oils for light vehicles / HGVs

Light vehicle/HGV engine oils
The VICAM range of engine oils for light vehicles and HGVs comprises different viscosity grades to meet constructors’ standards and international specifications ACEA, API.


To lubricate your light vehicle or HGV engines, CONDAT offers a large range of automotive lubricants specifically formulated to meet the strictest requirements for the latest generation of engines (EURO V and EURO VI) from the main constructors (MB, MAN, VOLVO, RENAULT, VW, DEUTZ, CAT...)

The choice of viscosity in engine oils

Engine oils in the VICAM range are available in different viscosity grades and are formulated with different oil technologies:

  • 5W30
  • 5W40
  • 10W30
  • 10W40
  • 15W40
  • 15W50

The choice in formulation of Condat automotive lubricants

The VICAM range of CONDAT engine oils is formulated from synthetic or mineral oils, with different types of additive, to meet the demands of vehicle constructors and changes in the market.

The VICAM range also meets the demands of engine makers with adapted levels of ash content: low SAPS, mid SAPS, or full SAPS.

The choice in the specifications

CONDAT offers a large range of engine oils meeting the European and international specifications ACEA and API: E4/E6/E7/E9, C1/C2/C3/C4…

The CONDAT engine oils in the VICAM range also meet the performance levels in the latest requirements from major engine makers for light vehicles, HGVs and agricultural machinery: MAN, MB, VOLVO, CAT, DEUTZ, VW, MTU, RN, SCANIA, DAF…


CONDAT engine oils are intended for petrol and diesel engines for light vehicles and HGVs, in particular those fitted with exhaust after-treatment systems such as DPFs (diesel particle filters), or other types of catalytic converter.

The latest oils in the VICAM range have been formulated to lubricate EURO V and EURO VI engines, and can also be used for engines of previous generations (EURO 2, EURO3…).

Product benefits

  • very long times between oil changes thanks to their excellent thermal stability and their resistance to oxidation
  • easy start-up at low temperature thanks to their high viscosity index
  • good engine cleanliness
  • excellent engine protection through their anti-wear properties (protection against seizing)
  • very low volatility allowing for control of oil consumption
  • perfect compatibility with exhaust after-treatment systems.

Several oils in the CONDAT range are multi-purpose and can be used for an entire fleet of HGVs, for example.

By using engine lubricants in the CONDAT range you are guaranteed quality products, allowing for perfect lubrication of your engine with an extended lifetime.


Why offer “low SAPS” engine lubricants and why use these engine oils?

Oils in the VICAM range have been developed according to the technologies of the future: low SAPS oils. These oils have a low ash content (due to their low sulphur and phosphorus content) and are formulated from specific additives.

In fact, the latest generation of engines are specially designed to operate with these oils. They are, for example, fitted with specific and sensitive particle filters, with very fine pore sizes compared with “standard” particle filters, and are therefore sensitive to very fine pollutant particles.  In fact, if the engine is not lubricated with a LOW SAPS oil, the filter risks becoming clogged and blocked.

Using a CONDAT brand low SAPS engine oil ensures reduction in pollution from exhaust fumes and actively protects the environment.


Technical support

The choice of an engine oil may seem trivial, but the wrong choice can have severe repercussions for the engine of your vehicle! To optimise its performance, increase the service life of your lubricant or prolong the lifetime of your engine, CONDAT can assist you.

We have a team of competent technical engineers who can help you withthe choice of the most suitable automotive lubricant, in itsimplementation (oil change, oil maintenance, conversion to biodegradable oil...) as well as in itsdaily use.

Our technical experts are available to advise you and guarantee optimal use of our engine oils.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.