Lubricants for the manufacture of asphalt and concrete

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Lubricants for the manufacture and placement of asphalt and concrete.



The procedure for asphalt production includes procurement of raw materials with the aid of a loader. The mix with the heated bitumen is loaded into trucks using hoppers.

To facilitate this operation, CONDAT offers a whole range of effective products: high-temperature greases, gear reducer oils, compressor oils and heat-transfer fluids.

As a complement to its range of lubricants, CONDAT has recently developed a bitumen and tar removal product that is biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301B.


The process of concrete manufacture includes procurement of the raw materials, sand and gravel. These raw materials, carried on conveyor belts, are mixed with precise doses of additives in a mixer. The addition of water makes a homogeneous concrete mix.

This concrete is then ready to be transported to sites using mixer trucks.

For these applications, CONDAT offers high-load greases, oils for peristaltic pumps and hydraulic and gear reducer oils.


For work on roads and motorways and the production of asphalt:

  • general lubrication of rolling stock
  • preventive protection and cleaning using biodegradable bitumen remover:
    • truck hoppers
    • buckets
    • finishers
    • compactors
    • truck skips
    • hand tools
  • conveyor belts

For concrete production and transport:

  • mixers
  • concrete mixer trucks
  • loaders
  • fixed installations

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