Oils for screw and piston compressors

Compressor oils
Range of mineral and synthetic oils for lubrication of screw and piston compressors for long-term use under severe conditions.


CONDAT's R&D laboratory has developed a complete range of oils with different technologies to lubricate all types of compressor, even those of the very latest generation. In fact, whether you have rotary screw compressors, piston compressors, rotary vane compressors, reciprocating or multi-stage compressors, or even vacuum pumps, products in the AEROPRESS compressor range will meet your needs.

Available in viscosities ISO VG 46, 68, and 100, CONDAT compressor oils and lubricants comply with the ISO 6743-3 and DIN 51506.

A formulation adapted to each compressor 

The AEROPRESS range is available with different technologies, to cover all compressor applications:

  • Mineral technology for screw compressors: AEROPRESS R range
  • Mineral technology for piston compressors: AEROPRESS P range
  • 100% synthetic technology for all types of compressor: AEROPRESS XR range


  • Resistance to wear, oxidation and temperature changes
  • High demulsibility capacity
  • Good shearing stability
  • Excellent de-aeration and low foaming capacities for air-free oil
  • Low volatility

Product benefits

Because compressors are always in use, with strong rises in temperature and intensive conditions of use, the AEROPRESS range of products has been specially developed with additives and base oils selected for their performance:

  • Protection of your equipment and reduction of your maintenance costs
  • No water recycled in the compressor
  • Longer oil-change intervals
  • Optimal lubrication
  • Low consumption
  • Limited evaporation

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants