Our Values

Since its creation in 1854, CONDAT has implemented fundamental principles in its strategic orientation and daily management.

Stated through strong corporate values, they allow us to convey a common frame of reference, to unite around cultures and practices shared by all our employees, customers and partners.

Build to lastpicto-construire-pour-durer

Whether you are a customer, partner, an employee, or about to become one, this is the commitment we make if we decide to work together. This means taking action, with a common goal towards which we provide you with all our experience and expertise. We will share with you our values and a corporate culture of more than 160 years, to achieve our respective ambitions.

Responsible picto-responsable

Developing and expressing a long-term vision means listening to markets, by preserving customers’ interests, with respect for national and international regulatory requirements. We expect our employees and partners to be rigourous and professional  and to behave in an exemplary manner aiming to encourage expression, to the benefit of progress and customer satisfaction, both internal and external. Together, we undertake to develop respectful and ethical solutions.

Company in motionpicto-entreprise-en-mouvement

Backed up by a century and a half of industrial culture, commercial growth, international development, we ensure the continuity of our group through a strategy of diversification and specialisation. First and foremost we want to be recognised for the expertise and talent of our employees, the quality of our products, and permanent awareness of the evolution of our markets and our environment. This means always anticipating, to meet the technical and societal issues. It means finding  in the current and future challenges  new capacity for innovation in order  to guarantee our customers and employees a dynamic of continuous progress.

Relationship qualitypicto-qualité-relation

We are convinced that relationship quality is key to efficient collaboration. We place human beings at the focus of our interactions and strive to attain the fulfilment of our employees, partners and customers. Guided by attentiveness and goodwill, we will communicate our vision to support you in your projects and help you to prepare for the future.

Our commitment is to make sure that our history lasts, and that it is also yours.
And of course, it is the future that must be looked at and thought about.