Analysis of maintenance fluids:

Oil analyses are used in the framework of preventive maintenance, since your equipment represents a significant cost. It is possible to check the evolution of equipment in service through monitoring by analysis of the lubricants in place.

The main objectives of monitoring fluids in operation are to:

  • Check the compliance of oil in service
  • Monitor the behaviour of the installation
  • Identify symptoms of degradation of machines and contamination of lubricants

The results of the analyses will further help you to:

  • detect a malfunction before a breakdown
  • anticipate or postpone an oil change
  • finally to take preventive actions to avoid unscheduled production shutdowns

The analysis of lubricants in service thus contributes to optimising your maintenance and production costs through a better knowledge of the state of your equipment and a clear vision of the evolution of the lubricant in service.

Oil analysis concerns all activities and numerous lubricants:

Condat’s offer:

CONDAT offers to support you in the control and monitoring of fluids by analysis and offers a choice of methods:

  • Through an external laboratory: we have chosen IESPM
  • Or through our internal laboratory, in particular for all machining and process fluids

Further, you can also obtain assistance with the diagnosis of your oil analyses through the Technical Department when required. You can thus benefit from advice in preventive or curative maintenance.

The results of these analyses are recorded and you can use them to follow the evolution of your equipment and lubricants over time.


Monitoring your Analyses online