Manufacturer of industrial lubricants, greases, oils and process fluids, CONDAT has also developed APPLICATION and DISTRIBUTION EQUIPMENT for numerous industrial applications. Most of this equipment is SPECIFIC and has a single goal: to help and simplify the use of Condat products by customers.

Our various EQUIPMENT solutions cover a large range of possibilities: for pumping, distribution, spraying, filtration, cleaning, dosing, blending and dilution of all products for industry in general. Our EQUIPMENT for neat oils, soluble oils and greases is intended for various sectors of activity or application fields: the industrial sector, maintenance of civil works installations, construction machinery, sand-pits, quarries, water and forests, agriculture, and even the development of special equipment for the railway sector.

By offering EQUIPMENT for sale or in partnership with selected subcontractors, CONDAT seeks above all to maximise its customers’ satisfaction by supporting them in an effective way.

The right equipment for every need!