Foam generator for tunnel boring machines

Foam generator
Foam generator for ground treatment for tunnel boring, produces a high quality foam and increases productivity on your site.


CONDAT offers foam generators: compact system equipped with a pumping and dosing system, an electrical box, a remote control, a foam gun.

The unit allows production of expanded foam to treat the ground. M4B units allow delivery of up to 1 Nm3 of foam / min. For large-diameter tunnel boring machines, it is possible to operate several M4B units in parallel.

The expansion rate is adjustable from 5 to 30. The generator is equipped with a splitting system to allow delivery of foam of consistent quality whatever the flow rate.

For more information about the products, their implementation, and a good match between the situation encountered and the solution to be considered, contact a CONDAT representative.

Product benefits

The M4B foam generator has numerous advantages:

  • Reduced footprint
  • Simple maintenance
  • Expanded foam with fine bubbles
  • Foam quality guaranteed whatever the flow rate