Lubricants for agriculture

Hydraulic, engine, transmission oils and greases for all agricultural equipment: tractors, combine harvesters, corn-pickers, silage harvesters, round balers, big balers, verge cutters, circular spike harrows…


Lubricants for agriculture and farming

Becoming increasingly large, farms must be competitive and productive while observing environmental standards.

Tractors, combine harvesters, silage harvesters, grape harvesting machines use very high-performance engines that operate with different types of gear box: high level power shift or continuously variable transmissions.

Good lubrication of your agricultural equipment ensures reduced maintenance,  optimised operating costs and an extended lifetime for the equipment.

CONDAT assists farmers by offering a complete range of oils and greases adapted to better productivity in their industry. CONDAT lubricants allow for effective maintenance of a multitude of agricultural equipment:

  • tractors, combine harvesters, corn-pickers, silage harvesters
  • round balers, big balers
  • verge cutters, circular spike harrows, stone grinders
  • fertiliser spreaders, slurry tankers
  • sprayers
  • beet harvesters
  • potato harvesters
  • fodder mixers, silage spreaders, straw blowers, mowers and mower-conditioners, hay tedders, hay rakes, bale wrappers
  • grape harvesting machines...



  • verge cutter hydraulic circuits
  • hydrostatic and hydraulic drive systems for silage harvesters, combine harvesters and grape harvesting machines
  • self-propelled sprayers


The VICAM range groups engine oils suitable for all types of agricultural machinery (tractors, silage harvesters, combines) and for all types of engine:

  • Tier 3, 4i and 4f / Stage 3A, 3B, IV
  • with or without turbo, with or without particle filters
  • with AD Blue® for treatment of emissions
  • operating with biogas

These engine oils are available in different viscosities: 10W30, 10W40, 15W40, 5W40 and in synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral.

Condat fuel economy lubricants

The VICAM range guarantees a protective film and good fluidity. The optimisation of the friction coefficient thus allows for fuel savings.

In our VICAM range, we can offer to lubricate all your engines with 1 single product. Thus there can be no risk of error.


The POLYTRANS range groups oils intended for lubrication of all types of hydraulic, hydrokinetic and mechanical wet clutch and brake transmissions:

  • Power shift gear boxes
  • continuously variable gear boxes
  • VARIO gear boxes
  • automatic locking differential
  • gear reducer
  • crusher case

Advantages of the CONDAT range:

  • For all types of tractor, new and old generation
  • Reduced brake noise
  • Very long-lasting
  • Very smooth gear changes


  • PREMIUM XM greases for bearings under heavy load, cross-shafts for universal joints, wheel loader axles, transmission bearings for combines, silage harvesters and verge cutters
  • grease for the telescope sliders of telescopic loaders: GLISSCOPE 529 G
  • food-grade greases for pressesgrape and grape harvesting machines: NUTRIGREASE HP
  • soft greases for the blades of circular spike harrows:
    KALITH EP 00 – 000


The CONDAT range of two- and four-stroke engine oils covers all lubrication needs for professional machinery for mechanised farming and upkeep of green spaces: rotavators, mowers, riding mowers, micro-tractors, hedge trimmers, strimmers, leaf blowers.

Chain oils

CONDAT has all the transmission chain oils indispensable for agricultural machinery.

  • Chain oils for round balers, bale wrappers, mixers
  • Chainsaw oils
    • Mineral range: FCT
    • Biodegradable range: BIO NATUR CHAIN

Overwintering fluid for sprayers

To protect your gaskets from frost, CONDAT offers ANTIGEL PULVE PLUS. This overwintering fluid for agricultural sprayers has been specially formulated to protect the closed circuits and nozzles of the sprayer during the winter period, and facilitate start-up in spring.

Milking machine oils

For vacuum pumps for milking machines and slurry tankers, CONDAT milking machine oil allows you to:

  • protect mechanical parts
  • improve the output of the pumps

Specific oils

What type of oil to use in agriculture

To meet constraints of respect for the environment and food standards, CONDAT also offers, for the maintenance of your agricultural machinery:

Other associated products:

  • Protection oil: The CONDAPROTECT range allows for effective protection of your fertiliser and slurry spreaders and sprayers against corrosion
  • Multifonction spray X Poly de-jams, protects, lubricates, cleans and repels water.


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