Agricultural greases

Agricultural greases
A complete range of conventional greases based on mineral oil or speciality greases, specifically intended for agricultural activities.
Application fields


CONDAT supports farmers with lubrication solutions adapted to all their issues: This includes supply of:

  • multi-purpose greases to simplify maintenance operations
  • specific greases to meet the needs of each type of farm
  • semi-synthetic or synthetic greases to considerably reduce topping up and to reduce the time and cost of maintenance
  • effective biodegradable greases to preserve the environment: particularly in the case of lost-oil greasing, of equipment that is liable to leakage, or more generally in sensitive zones
  •  food-industry greases, H1 approved, where there is a risk of incidental contact with foodstuffs


  • Roller bearings, plain bearings, bearings
  • Axles, Articulations
  • Gimbals, ball joints
  • Closed gear reducers, open gears
  • Combine harvesters
  • Harvesting machines, presses, bottling machines
  • Verge cutters, circular spike harrows


Agricultural greases are not generally subject to high temperatures, but constraints of load, water wash-out or speed add to the diversity of the equipment to be lubricated.

  • Water-resistant greases, lithium and even more lithium-calcium greases, are the most used in this sector of activity:
    • KALITH or PREMIUM XM greases are particularly popular with customers for their high-end and multi-purpose performance. These products are available in many different formats: from the 400g cartridge to the 190kg barrel. PREMIUM XM is offered in a screw-in cartridge for ease of use.
  • More traditional calcium-based greases = KALGREASE, allowing for work in humid environments but under moderate temperatures
  • Specific greases:
Product Characteristics
GLISSCOPE 529 G Resistant to load (extreme pressure or EP performance) and exceptionally adherent for effective lubrication of sliding elements or open gears
CONDAT FORMULA or KALITH 00 Very high speeds and resistant to ejection for cutting, ploughing machinery
NUTRIGREASE Formulated with H1 approved ingredients to satisfy the requirements of wine producers, some livestock farmers, etc...
BIO NATUR range High-performance synthetic biodegradable greases for use in sensitive zones

Product benefits

Characteristics Customer benefits
Mechanical stability and water resistance Reduced topping up, reduction in lubricant consumption => improves your productivity
Specific developments, adapted to customer requests A product corresponding to the requirements of the activity = reliability and a correct price => reduction in your overall maintenance costs
Ultimate biodegradability, in accordance with regulatory requirements. Promotes production of renewable raw materials Participates in protection of the environment and sustainable development => Eco-citizen approach

Associated services


CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.