Biodegradable greases

Biodegradable greases
A complete range of biodegradable greases intended for the lubrication of all types of mechanism.


For more than 25 years, CONDAT has been developing multi-purpose and technical biodegradable greases, and took an interest in the subject well before the Grenelle Environment Forum and  ECOLABEL certified lubricants.


The objective, from the start, was to offer a credible alternative that could rival the levels of performance of greases based on mineral oils. The use of synthetic biodegradable base oils and our mastery of the manufacturing process have allowed us to cover multiple application fields. With this range, CONDAT lets you limit your impact on the environment while guaranteeing the correct operation of your equipment.


  • Roller bearing, plain bearings, articulations
  • Harvesting heads, coal-cutter chains
  • Drill pipe threads
  • Screw couplings, buffers for rolling stock
  • Wheel flanges, curved track for railways
  • Railway switch plates, mobile parts of switch plates
  • Open gear reducers
  • Bearing seals or tunnel boring machine head bearings
  • Extraction screw bearings


We consider that only ultimate biodegradability (OECD test 301) should be taken into account for biodegradable greases. We use BioLubricants guaranteeing stability to oxidation greatly superior to that of raw vegetable oils. The level of performance in many cases is comparable to that of formulations based on mineral oils.

In very specific cases, the use of synthetic esters, made for aeronautical use, can result in performance levels superior to conventional greases.

All these greases can be offered in grades NLGI 000 to NLGI 3. The viscosity at 40°C can vary according to the target application from < 15 cSt to 460 cSt.

These greases are specially formulated for applications where protection of the environment is essential, such as lost-oil greasing or greasing in sensitive areas:


More generally, CONDAT's BIO NATUR range brings together all biodegradable lubricants available for a large spectrum of activities where respect for the environment is essential, especially in “sensitive” areas.

Thickener Performance Application fields
BIO NATUR GREASE 4100 Lithium-Calcium Adheres to chains, limits wear Wood industry, Quarries
BIO NATUR GREASE EP Lithium-Calcium Multi-purpose, good pumpability Quarries, Civil Works, Agriculture, Wood industry, dams-locks...
BIO NATUR EXTREM EF Lithium Multi-purpose, ECOLABEL Quarries, Civil Works, Agriculture, Wood industry, dams-locks...
BIO NATUR FR Lithium High loads, fire resistant Incineration, aluminium industry, transport
BIO NATUR COMPLEX WR Complex Anti-corrosion protection, water resistant Quarries-Sand pits, Civil Works, Agriculture, Transport
BIO NATUR CURVE Lithium-Calcium Limits noise, low temperatures Railway infrastructure
BIO NATUR WF Inorganic Sprayable, limits wear Railway movements, trams and trains
BIO NATUR DRILL Complex High loads, resistant to wash-out Water or mining drilling

Product benefits

Because of their technical qualities, synthetic greases are the obvious choice for applications in sensitive areas. They can also be an alternative for optimising and spacing out your maintenance operations.

Characteristics Customer benefits
Miscible and compatible with most conventional greases Aid conversion to biodegradable technology without cleaning costs or machine stoppages for purge
Performance comparable to conventional and fire-resistant mineral greases Preservation of equipment and personal safety => improved productivity
Ultimate biodegradability, in accordance with regulatory requirements. Favours use of renewable raw materials Participates in protection of the environment and sustainable development => Eco-citizen approach

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

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