Railway greases

Railway greases
A range of mineral and/or biodegradable greases for all needs linked to transport by rail.


Since its creation in 1854, CONDAT has supplied lubricants for railway infrastructure and rolling stock. With a view to innovation and respect for the environment, our laboratories have developed specific and effective biodegradable lubricants.

For nearly 30 years, we have offered ecological solutions for protection and greasing, meeting the technical and safety standards put in place by the largest purchasers in the sector. For the vast majority of lubricants being used for lost-oil greasing in this sector, CONDAT offers a large range of  biodegradable greases.

We supply commodity greases for general greasing but above all specially developed greases to meet the demands of this sector:

  • Resistance to oxidation and UV for prolonged lubrication in complete safety
  • A low friction coefficient to limit wear of equipment
  • Noise reduction for user comfort
  • Protection against corrosion to guarantee optimal operation of fixed and rolling parts.


The railway greases cover all the applications found in this sector of activity:

  • Bogie elements
  • Railway switch plates, rails
  • Axles, Articulations
  • Plain bearings, rollers
  • Brake rigging, brake cylinders
  • Tripod transmissions
  • Screw couplings, plungers, buffers plates, slide rails
  • Wheel flanges, curved track
  • Door gaskets...


Railway greases are made up of calcium soaps (hydrated or anhydrous),  Lithium or Lithium Calcium soaps, organic  or inorganic thickeners.

Depending on the element to be lubricated or protected, they can be mineral or synthetic biodegradable based:

  • Performance at low temperature for use at all latitudes and in all seasons: -50°C for some formulations
  • Very good adherence to surfaces, resistant to ejection and water wash-out
  • Quickly biodegradable but resistant to oxidation and UV
  • Very good lubricity to limit wear and extreme pressure additives to resist loads and impacts
  • Greases are miscible with each other and with numerous elastomers

Product benefits

The railway greases comply with the technical specifications of many constructors/OEMs or national purchasers (SNCF, DB, OBB, RFI, etc…).

It is a diversified range that can fulfil not only all uses found in traditional rail but also in tramways, tram-train and underground railways.

Characteristics Customer benefits
Available in many different formats including sprays Easily implemented in all weathers => Increase in productivity and safety
Resistant to oxidation, corrosion, limiting wear and water wash-out Reduction in topping up, protection of equipment => increase in profitability with reduction in overall maintenance costs
Ultimate biodegradability, in accordance with regulatory requirements. Favours use of renewable raw materials Participates in protection of the environment and sustainable development => Eco-citizen approach

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.