Railway mobility lubricants

Railway mobility lubricants
Lubricants for buffers, coupling screws, bogie axles and parts. Sprayable biodegradable greases, non toxic, used on wheel flanges.


With several decades of expertise in the railway sector, CONDAT continues its development to meet your expectations and the changes in this market.

For these applications,  technical performance and biodegradability of the lubricants used are at the heart of our concerns during development.

With complete mastery of the lubrication of mobility equipment, CONDAT supports you in the reduction of your operational costs.


Applications Products Characteristics
Buffers / Coupling screws GR 439 G Grease used on many European networks. Compliant with the latest UV requirements and approvals by purchasers (Deutsche Bahn...)
Bogie axles, parts / TGV sharf GR 196 B Anti corrosion and wash-out resistant greases
Wheel flanges WF G 495 /
BioNaturWF68 Oil
Biodegradable lubricants for lubrication of on-board systems.
Brake rigging GR291T Graphite oil
Tripods LI 152 EP MO Grease for lubrication of tripod-type transmissions of TGVs

Product benefits

  • Operations optimised over wide working temperature ranges
  • Costs savings
  • Compliant with technical specifications of Alstom, SNCF, DB, OBB
  • Approved by Rebs and Bijur Delimont for on-board lubrication systems
  • Biodegradable according to OECD 301
  • Low regreasing interventions
  • Limits wear and friction on wheel flanges
  • Reduction of noise disturbance
  • Optimises  longevity of equipment

Product ranges