Lubricants for railway infrastructure

Lubricants for infrastructure
Lubricants for railway network infrastructure: track mechanisms, switchplates, catenary wires, track side equipment…


Producer and formulator of lubricants, CONDAT has the solution for all greasing points for railway equipment:

  • Trackside equipment and wheel flanges
  • switchplates
  • catenary wires
  • track mechanisms

Developed to meet technical and environmental requirements for railway traffic, CONDAT has developed speciality greases to limit wear on rails, switchplate tongues, guard rails and wheels as well as noise disturbance.

With controlled and biodegradable greasing, maintenance work is reduced and equipment lifetime increase, while respecting the environment. The reduction of noise disturbance provides calm for local residents.


Applications Products Characteristics
Track mechanisms CA LI 122 CF Grease
Catenary wires GRAPHITE 20 % Grease
Switchplates BIO NATURAIL First-generation grease
CONDAT BIO SP EVO Second-generation grease.
Sprayable and biodegradable, it is characterised by greasing intervals of 4 to 5 weeks. It is very resistant to wash-out and ultraviolet.
Track side equipment / Wheel flanges BIO NATUR CURVE 00/1/2 Limits wear and noise.
Biodegradable lubricants of different grades for fixed stationary or on-board lubrication systems, depending on the manufacturer.
Multi-purpose PYROCUIVRE

Product benefits

  • Operations optimised over temperature ranges
  • Reduction of usage costs
  • Reduction of greasing interventions
  • Limitation of wear and friction
  • Reduction of noise disturbance
  • Meets the technical specifications of purchasers (SNCF...)
  • Application method: manual or spraying

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

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