Food-industry greases

Food-industry greases
Greases intended for the food industry, prepared to satisfy safety requirements for manufactured products and to guarantee optimal protection and lubrication of machines.


The production of food products implies supplementary requirements to guarantee consumer safety. Even accidental contamination should be anticipated, so lubricants used in this industry are subject to strict rules.

CONDAT greases formulated for the agri-food industry and animal nutrition take account of these parameters and guarantee safety in case of incidental contact with foodstuffs.

All the ingredients in H1-approved greases are authorised in case of accidental contact with food:

  • specific additives
  • approved thickeners
  • white or synthetic oils

We work with the 2 organisations recognised by lubricant grease professionals:

  • InS
  • NSFInS-H1



  • Roller bearings, plain bearings, bearings
  • Articulations, axles
  • Pelleting presses
  • Oven racks, conveyors
  • Rails, guides, chains
  • Presses, bottling machines


Only certain types of thickener are H1 approved:

  • aluminium complexes
  • calciums
  • micronised silicas
  • PTFE

Our range includes all of these, to meet the requirements of all lubrication issues.

Conventional greases can nevertheless be used in the food sector, but they must never come into contact with foodstuffs.

All these greases can be offered in grades NLGI 000 to NLGI 3. Viscosity at 40°C can vary according to the target application from less than 15 cSt to more than 1000 cSt.

Range of greases for the food industry:

H1 approved Thickener Performance Applications
NUTRIGREASE Al complex, Calcium or fumed silica Adherence, heavy loads, anti-corrosion protection Animal nutrition, wine industry, food processing...
PYRATEX / PYRASYTNH PTFE Very high temperature, lifetime greasing, resistance to acids and bases Oven racks, cold storage, abattoirs...
T FLON PTFE Aerosols, protection, favour sliding Abattoirs, refrigerated warehouses, cheese dairies...

Product benefits

Because of their technical qualities,  synthetic greases are the obvious choice for certain applications. They can also be an alternative for optimising and spacing out your maintenance operations.


Characteristics Customer benefits
Lubricating performance with respect for regulatory requirements Protection and lubrication of equipment = Contributes to your productivity
Wide range with several different technologies, available in cartridges, kegs or barrels.. Correspond to your service conditions = technical solution => control of maintenance costs
H1 Approval, in case of accidental contact with foodstuffs Avoids the risk of contamination by conventional greases => Consumer safety and quality assurance for the manufacturer

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.