Low-temperature greases

Low-temperature greases
Range of mineral or synthetic greases based on metallic soaps, complexes, organic thickeners (polyurea, PTFE…) for lubrication at low temperatures: from minus 20°C to minus 60°C.


Temperature conditions that are sometimes extreme require lubricants with exceptional properties. CONDAT low-temperature greases are formulated to operate at these limiting temperatures, down to -60°C for some of them.

These greases allow you, at strongly negative temperatures, to establish a lubricant film almost immediately and thus limit wear linked to friction, in particular at start-up. The apparent viscosity remains functional, encouraging grease flow and guaranteeing its correct operation.


Low-temperature greases are particularly suitable for lubrication of equipment such as:

  • equipment for use in snow
  • aviation and aerospace equipment
  • railway equipment
  • mechanical or electrical equipment for motor vehicles,
  • conveyor belts, rollers in cold storage
  • micro gear reducers, miniature electric motors, robots,


Condat low-temperature greases benefit from our experience as a formulator:

  • nature of the base oils adapted to negative temperature conditions
  • viscosity and viscosity index of the base oils specifically chosen
  • thickener and additives to reduce the friction coefficient

Lithium, Lithium Complexes, Calcium Sulphonate, Polyurea, Aluminosilicates, Aluminium Complexes, Fluorinated Greases, PTFE… for each type of application, Condat offers the most suitable grease for lubrication at service temperatures < -20°C and going down to -60°C.

Our R&D laboratories have the very latest additive technologies and formulate greases, from mineral or synthetic oils, covering both very low viscosities (<15 cSt) and high viscosities (>460 cSt).

Product benefits

The low-temperature greases show remarkable lubricity under these extreme conditions. They guarantee low friction coefficients, avoiding fatal hardening of the grease and allowing good injectability in numerous types of system.

Characteristics Customer benefits
Low torque on start-up, low friction coefficient Improved operation = reduction in energy consumption
Stability to oxidation, corrosion, anti-wear properties Spaced out greasing = reduction in overall maintenance costs
Good pumpability, lubricant film effective immediately Good lubrication = reduction in noise disturbance

Low-temperature greases, thanks to their multiple uses, help to rationalise your pool of lubricants and contribute to better stock management.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.


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