Lubricants for energy production equipment

Lubrication of energy production equipment: nuclear, thermal, steam and wind turbines, hydroelectric dams. Very high performance fire-resistant oils and greases


Electrical generation equipment using nuclear or fossil fuel is subject to high temperatures (superheated steam) and must remain operational at all times.

This requires the use of high-performance maintenance lubricants, able to ensure the lubrication of mechanical and hydraulic parts while also ensuring a high level of safety, in particular resistance to fire.


For nuclear and steam power stations:

  • control circuits for steam turbines
  • turbine mechanisms
  • gear reducers
  • hydraulic circuits
  • turbine mechanisms and couplings

For wind turbines:

  • mechanical parts
  • multipliers
  • blade orientation bearings
  • slewing rings
  • shaft bearings

For hydroelectric dams

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