Lubricants for the Corrugated board industry

Corrugated board industry
Lubricants for the corrugated board industry. On the corrugator: corrugated cylinders, rollers, glueing machines, unwinding stands, slitter-scorer, knives. Processing equipment: combined plants, rotary cutter, cutting presses, flat cutting.


Corrugated board is a market where speed, precision, steam and temperature are part of everyday life. There is no room for haphazard maintenance. The impact of the lubricant is essential to the good performance of the machines:

  • corrugators
  • balers
  • slitter-scorers
  • folder-gluers
  • printing units
  • flat presses
  • combined plants
  • rotary cutters...

The CONDAT range allows for effective lubrication of all corrugated board applications!


Lubricants for corrugators

  • on the bearings of the single-face rollers of the corrugator (pre-heaters, gluers): fluorinated greases or H1 for incidental food contact. Long-term lubrication at very high temperature.
  • for the lubrication of the slitter-scorer knives: MITRA oil H1 adapted for incidental contact with food.
  • for cleaning the corrugated cylinders: Roll Cleaner, H1 oil adapted for incidental food contact, for deep cleaning of glue deposits and dust from the bottom of the grooves.
  • for the transversal cutters: Food-grade oils, mineral or synthetic based. Different viscosities available.
  • General greasing: AKRONEX EP2 or Millénium. Resistance to temperature and water vapour.

Lubricants for processing machines

Presses, Combined plants with slotters, rotary cutters, printing units, folder-gluers... CONDAT has all the lubrication solutions:

Lubricants for balers

  • Fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, biodegradable and non-toxic: CONDAT D 46 allows you to comply with insurers' requirements and often to avoid the costly installation of sprinklers. Polymer-free fluid allowing a long lifetime in service.

Compressor lubricants

CONDAT offers a complete range of mineral- or synthetic-based oils for rotary compressors, screw or vane.

For general lubrication

  • aerosol lubrication of chains, rails, small moving parts
  • lubrication with automatic greasers
  • Assembly and disassembly paste
  • Greases for processing machines and all other places requiring regular cleaning with a pressure jet: printing units, glue tanks...

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants. We also prepare greasing plans and provide analysis of lubricants in service with a complete diagnosis to avoid breakdowns!!

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.

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