Oils for slitter-scorer knives

Oils for slitter-scorer knives
Technical and biodegradable oils for lubrication of slitter-scorer knives used in corrugated board industries.


CONDAT has developed the MITRA biodegradable oil, perfectly adapted to lubrication of:

  • slitter-scorer knives in the corrugated board industries
  • planer and moulder tables, and other machines of this type
  • blades for stave saws used in cooperage

The CONDAT oil for slitter-scorer knives is approved for incidental food contact: H1 2Probity.

Product benefits

  • High lubricity
  • Excellent protection of elements in contact: felts, knives, blades... for a longer lifetime
  • Biodegradable
  • Foods: incidental contact H1 2Probity

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