Lubricants for paper production

Lubricants for paper production: wet end, dryer, Madeleine rollers, winder bearings, roller bearings, dryer rollers, friction roller, felt rollers, dry felt roll…


The CONDAT range allows for lubrication of whole installations, including transport, wood processing, pulp production, paper production and finishing.

In paper production, there are many lubrication points and they must be regularly maintained:

  • dryer
  • Madeleine dryer rollers
  • winder, roller bearings, pulleys, cables
  • dryer rollers, felt rollers
  • friction roller
  • Yankee dryer
  • dry felt roll
  • draining, spinning, drying, winding
  • pulper, deflaker, refiner
  • press section
  • headbox, suction
  • guide rollers and tensioners
  • plain presses...


Pulp production

We can find numerous roller bearings, plain bearings, girth gears, transmissions. The main items of equipment are:

  • the bleaching tumblers
  • de-watering presses
  • refiner
  • digester

Water is one of the major ingredients used in paper production. CONDAT MILLENIUM grease  is particularly suited to applications requiring resistance to water and wash-out, as well as resistance to heavy loads.

Paper production

In the wet end, for the different dry felt rolls and belt rollers, several water-resistant greases are available: GR 3757, AKRON EP2, KALITH WP2.

A rationalisation of your greases is entirely possible with CONDAT MILLENIUM. Its exceptional properties in the presence of water and its resistance to temperature make it a safe bet.

For use on:

  • friction roller bearings
  • cylinder bearings
  • felt roller bearings
  • Madeleine roller bearings
  • pulley cable bearings
  • draining


For the hydraulics

  • CONDAT D 46 fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, biodegradable and non-toxic: this safety fluid allows you to comply with insurers' requirements. It is also a means of prevention and protection in case of fire risk.
  • HM / HV mineral hydraulic oils with very high level technical properties, also meeting your technico-economic requirements.

For bearings

  • CONDAT MILLENIUM grease: very good resistance to temperature, with increased longevity compared with traditional soap greases.
    • cylinder bearings
    • felt roller bearings
    • Madeleine roller bearings
    • cable roller bearings
    • winder bearings
    • press rollers
    • plain press...

Compressor lubricants

CONDAT offers a complete range of mineral- or synthetic-based oils for rotary compressors, screw or vane.

Gear reducer oils

For general lubrication

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants. We also prepare greasing plans and provide analysis of lubricants in service with a complete diagnosis to avoid breakdowns!

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.

Discover the CONDAT ranges of products in application fields connected to the paper industry:

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