Grease with PTFE - T Flon

PTFE grease
Grease containing PTFE and certified H1, ideal for lubrication of equipment in the food industries.


White-coloured grease with PTFE specially formulated for use on most mechanisms: sliding guides, chains, open gears, plain bearings…, used in industry and in particular in the food sector.

The presence of PTFE ensures the formation of a dry film. It reduces friction and avoids fouling by solid contaminants. All the ingredients of this product have been H1 approved by the European INS organisation which authorises incidental contact with food.

T Flon is particularly effective under severe conditions, in humid environments and weak acidic and basic atmospheres. T Flon is recommended for use in an environment that must be kept clean.


Lubricant intended for numerous mechanisms found in most industrial sectors, including the automobile sector and food industries:

  • sliding guides
  • chains
  • open gears
  • plain bearings
  • fixed and mobile equipment


  • Temperature of use: - 20°C to 180°C
  • White colour

Product benefits

  • Fitted with a 360° multi-position valve
  • Favours anti-friction properties
  • Extreme pressure
  • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion
  • Good performance in humid environments
  • Grease with H1 approval: can be used in case of incidental food contact
  • Contains PTFE: clean lubrication and improved anti-friction performance
  • Reduction of pollutants