Aluminium spray - A Set

Aluminium spray
Assembly paste and high-temperature lubricant
Application fields


Paste for lubrication and  assembly of exposed mechanisms at high temperatures and in harsh environments. Packaged as an aerosol, A Set provides uniform coating of mechanical parts to aid disassembly operations and ensure good protection against corrosion and wear.

A lubricating agent based on micronised aluminium, A Set is used in the car industry, civil works, steel making, chemistry... for:

  • parts/screws subject to high temperatures in corrosive environments
  • lubrication of slewing rings for excavators and tower cranes,
  • transmission chains and load chains
  • slide ways / rails



  • mechanisms
  • chains
  • open gears
  • sliding guides

Assembly, mounting:

  • screw
  • valve stems and threads
  • gaskets and fittings
  • closures of foundry moulds...


  • fluid grease
  • aluminium-grey colour
  • Temperature of use: -20°C to +700°C

Product benefits

  • fitted with a 360° multi-position valve
  • favours the lubrication of mechanisms exposed to high temperatures
  • avoids fouling
  • favours disassembly after a period of use: anti-seize
  • anti-seize, anti-friction, anti-corrosion
  • excellent protection against wear