Wood-industry greases

Wood-industry greases
Greases designed to meet the requirements of forestry professionals. They meet technical, regulatory and environmental requirements.


The wood industry requires numerous machines with different modes of operation. The lubricant must be adapted to heavy loads,  water wash-outhigh speeds, contamination by fine wood particles and this in a sensitive environment that should be protected: forests. CONDAT offers a range of greases with different technologies to cover all the needs of wood-industry professionals.


  • Roller bearings, plain bearings, bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Harvester, ridger, logger heads, chipper canter
  • Rails, sliders, chains
  • Vibrating Screens
  • Dispatchers
  • Axles, spindles


CONDAT has always been at the service of users in the wood industry. By offering the most suitable thickener for the application, we search together for the best solution adapted to your trade and your need.

General lubrication of your equipment:

Greases adapted for the wood industry:

Greases Applications
CONDAT FORMULA Special High-speed greases
AKRONEX / AKRONSYNTH High temperatures
PELGREASE High loads for pelleting presses and production of wood pellets
BIO NATURodegradable-lubricants/biodegradable-greases/ High-performance biodegradable greases BIO NATUR EXTREM EF grease is ECOLABEL approved for excellent lubrication in sensitive zones.

To learn more about all our ECOLABEL lubricants.


Product benefits

Characteristics Customer benefits
Specific development, adapted to customer requests A product corresponding to the requirements of the activity = Reliability and fair price =>Protection of equipment and reduction in costs for overall maintenance
Ultimate biodegradability, in accordance with regulatory requirements. Favours use of renewable raw materials Participates in protection of the environment and sustainable development => Eco-citizen approach

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.