Lubricants for the wood pellets industry

Wood pellets
Lubricants for the wood pellet industry: for pelleting presses, the greasing of bearings and shafts for presses for wood pellet production.


Improvement of productivity is the major stake for the fuelwood industry and pellet producers.

Profitability for wood pellet producers is particularly influenced by:

  • the high consumption of grease in wood pelleting presses
  • the cost and impact of this consumable on the maintenance costs of wood pelleting presses

CONDAT has been formulating and producing greases since 1854. This expertise allows us to offer a complete range of greases and oils adapted to this industry and to the different brands of press.


  • Bearings
  • Shafts for wood pelleting presses
  • Gear reducers for wood pelleting presses


CONDAT offers a whole range of suitable lubricants to ensure the maintenance and long lifetime of your wood pelleting presses:

  • high-performance greases specific to wood pelleting presses
    • PELGREASE greases
  • general greasing
  • high-performance, long-life synthetic oils:

Contact us for a specific recommendation according to service conditions and the brand of the machines.

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